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  Contacting Toronto ( Throughout the month of May 2009 )
Curated by Sharon Switzer, Produced by Art for Commuters

(Photographic images displayed at the subway screen in Toronto)
US President Obama’s rise to power has created a state of hope that transcends boundaries and borders. Despite economic turmoil, 'change' is in the air and all manner of dreams suddenly seem possible. Quiet or riotous, playful or radical, personal or far-reaching – revolutions happen on every scale, everyday, when changes take place in the ways we think and behave. Contacting Toronto is a month long exhibition that seeks to reach out to the commuting public, engaging them with revolutionary ideas, enlightened calls to action, and artistic responses to the idea of inciting revolt in Torontonians.

Other participating artists: Mark Clintberg, the FASTWÜRMS, Annette Mangaard, John Marriott, Darren O’Donnell, Christie Pearson, Georgette Peters, Martin Reis, Chrysanne Stathacos, Carolyn Tripp, and 4 selections from the 'This Day of Change' book project by COURRiER Japon magazine.

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Contacting Toronto is an annual, open-call photography exhibition on the Onestop network of over 270 TTC screens.

To view the work by each artist, please visit