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  A MTV parody of our global culture -- re-telling the New World history with music remixed from the 4 versions (English/French/Chinese/Spanish) of Disney's movie soundtrack. Featuring Korean American drag queen Pauline Park as our heroine, Pocahontas is a documentary and a present day fable of globalization, Disney's Empire and the ever-changing North American social, cultural and geographical landscape. Shot on location at the Central Park of the Manhattan Island, the video blends fiction and reality, past and present, and manmade and nature in one breathtaking walk in the urban jungle.   Filmed in Hi 8 1998
Total running time: 5:00 minutes
Color and Sound (English/French/Chinese/Spanish)
Available format: 3/4" and VHS (NTSC)
Audio description: "Color of the Wind" theme from the movie POCAHONTAS. in 4 different language soundtracks (in English, Spanish, Chinese and French) remixed by Ho Tam

Clip length: 00:30.07 seconds

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