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  Matinee Idol is an experimental video about the story of Wu Chu-Fan (1911-1993).   A well known Cantonese (Chinese) actor from the 30s Hong Kong and crowned as the Movies King of South China, Wu is virtually unheard in the rest of the world.   An prolific actor and filmmaker, Wu was best remembered for his dedication in his portrayal of the everyday man.   After his retirement, Wu in the late 1980's migrated to Canada and died in Ottawa. While in the Hollywood cinema many deceased stars often attained legendary status, the Hong Kong cinema, despite its entrepreneurism, has done little to preserve the history as film is only viewed as entertainment and considered only popular culture.   Using Wu as both an iconic and a symbolic figure, the video will look at the cultural differences between the "East" and the "West."   Filmed in Hi-8 and Video 8 1995-99
Edited on AVID 1999
Total running time: 16:30 minutes
Color(B/W) and Sound
Available format:   3/4" and VHS (NTSC)
Two versions: English or French

Clip length: 00:28.08 seconds

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