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  Two lovers, Julio and Telonius (a.k.a. Upi), were asked to write a letter to each other while one of them is on a short trip.   Exploring issues of love, relationship, and the gaps of class, race and generation, the video takes the viewer to the interior of Peru -- Machu Picchu, and the hearts of the two lovers.   Please note that the two letters (one written in English and one read in Spanish) appear on video simultaneously.   The viewers, as outsiders, are not required to understand everything.   Filmed in   Hi-8 and Video 8 1999
Total running time: 3:30 minutes
Color and Sound
Available format:   3/4" and VHS (NTSC)
Audio description: Recording of Telonius (Upi) reading his own letter to Julio.

Clip length: 00:30.13 seconds

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