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  In my last trip to Hong Kong, I was met and cruised by this attractive young man at the airport. I thought he was just one of those travelling business man but soon found out that he was in fact in the police force who also knew how to play his Chinese instrument (and to play it well). He was a child prodigy who had performed around the world but now made his living as a businessman (part-time) and as a policeman (part-time). As a result, I asked him to do a performance for me and this was how this tape got made. Mixing the old and the new, the public and the personal, we learn unexpected details about a human being and could only imagine the rest.   Directed and produced by Ho Tam 1999
Zheung performed by Constable Wilmond Tam
Total running time: 6:00 minutes
Color and Sound
Available format: 3/4" and VHS (NTSC)
Audio description: " Battle With the Wind" in Zheung (Chinese classical instrument) perform by Wilmond Tam.

Clip length: 00:30.12 seconds

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