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  Through a stack of personal journals, the video reconstructs a biography of the South Dakota born and New York City enlightened artist James Wentzy. Tracing his days starting out as a struggling artists to ending an AIDS activist, the video provides an intimate portrait of a neglected hero and unearths a time now forgotten. The film was first finished as a short work in 2002. The long version has included the valuable footage of ACT UP New York and AIDS Community Television produced tirelessly by James Wentzy and concludes with Wentzy reluctantly going on medications and his thoughts on 911, and the state of AIDS activism and its relevance.

"... this video navigated the interior dialogue of a body alternately betrayed, discouraged, rebellious, hopeful and ultimately entitled." -- 2003 Images Festival, Toronto

2007 -- Best Documentary Feature, The Tel Aviv International LGBT Film Festival
2006 -- Programming Award for Outstanding Artistic Achievement, Outfest - Los Angeles Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (feature length version)
2003 -- Grand Marnier Video Fellowship, Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York (short version)

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Long version:
Edited on DV 2006
Total running time: 74 minutes
Color and Sound
Available format: DV and Beta SP

Short version:
Edited on DV 2002
Total running time: 16:30 minutes
Color and Sound
Available format: DV and VHS (NTSC)

Clip length: 00:31.22 seconds

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