Ho Tam

Visual Art:

 A Quotation by Susan Sontag

A Quotation by Susan Sontag

Site-specfic Installation (digital prints on vinyl & silver fringes curtains)

Dimensions: approximately 16 x 8 feet


Exhibited at Window of Access Gallery, Vancouver

Curated by Paul Wong for 'Pride In Chinatown MMXX'

Aug 8 - Sept 7, 2020



Pride in Chinatown MMXX is an artist street projects happening throughout Chinatown of Vancouver, with new site-inspired artworks from the queer pan-Asian diaspora, who will be covering hoardings, windows, doorways, storefronts, laneways, utility poles and boxes, and monuments.


"Coming from me whose work often asks cynical and provocative questions, a sincere response to our time seems ironic. The PRIDE IN CHINATOWN project has brought me to think about why I make art. As I grow older, I feel that many things have already been done and said. But affirmation and reaffirmation are necessary from time to time, and so important when facing adversities. Recently I have been studying quotations by many famous and influential people. Their words continue to encourage us and become ways which give inspirations and promises. They guide us to travel from where we were to where we are going. We quote others only to better express ourselves. In such as way, I hope this quotation by Susan Sontag will speak to the queer experience as well as this lockdown time during COVID-19.

" - Ho Tam 2020